How Custom Article Mounting Features the Best of the Best

Business owners everywhere would likely say there is very little better than having a service or product listed on a “best of” list. It’s a coveted honor many seek in an attempt to have their company recognized, their brand reinforced, and everything else that comes along with such a prestigious award. And, when such an honor does come along, it’s something that must be treasured and preserved for all to see.

Best of Oklahoma
Oklahoma Magazine, a well-reputed publication featuring the people, places and culture that comprise the state, and it’s the largest circulated and most widely read in all of Oklahoma. So, it’s easy to see why getting on a “best of” list in this magazine is an enviable position. But that’s exactly what Kitchen Concepts did. This ingenious company is in the business of bringing kitchen and bath design dreams to life for the homeowners and custom builders with whom they work. And, for their passion, approach and product, were awarded a “Best of the Best Kitchen Designers.”

Best Of

The Best for the Best
Upon printing the Best-of-the-Best issue of Oklahoma Magazine, the professionals at Kitchen Concepts contacted That’s Great News. They wanted to ensure all people involved in the process would be reminded for years to come of this tremendous accomplishment, while also providing a trophy of sorts to be seen by anyone visiting their offices in Tulsa, OK. Kitchen Concepts found that working with That’s Great News means access to the highest quality materials and preservation process – giving our customers the kind of treatment their great news deserves.

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