How Does A Plaque Get Made

A frequent conversation I have with customers centers around the entire custom plaque process. So i thought it would be a good idea to explain how your name being mentioned in the press can grow into a custom plaque that you can treasure forever.


First thing first, where do the articles come from?

There are actually two answers to that question.

Answer #1 We employ an entire team whose job is to read articles from newspapers, magazines, and business journals. Luckily, we subscribe to thousands of publications from all around the country so there is a never ending supply of great news stories and articles.

Answer #2 Both previous and potential customers can send in things they would like to have professionally laminated on a plaque. Some items include pictures, patents and diplomas.

Then what?

Typically, we will put a digital proof together for the customer to approve. We value your input in creating your customized plaque. This piece not only reflects your success but also our quality. Once you approve the layout, you are ready to order the final product.

At this point you will finalize your color choice and personalize your nameplate.

The plaque is then produced. We use the finest materials and laminate the article to ensure it will never fade or yellow. Once the plaque is created the nameplate is attached to the plaque

Here come the fun part! Last step: You receive your plaque. If you have already found a space to hang it- just grab a nail and voilà!

So now that you know how we ensure your custom plaque is truly a one of a kind piece, make yourself a part of the process and request your free digital proof. Feel free to upload pictures, articles, etc. so your memories become visual pieces of history.




How does it feel to be recognized in the press? Please share below.