How Impeccable Taste is Displayed in Custom Wall Plaques

All the movies portray the scenario in the same manner: the entire staff is dancing around the restaurant, preparing an exquisite set-up while the chef and sous chef labor over the meal of just one dreaded food critic. It must be perfect…it must impress.


But if the professional staff at Luminaria, an intimate restaurant serving Santa Fe cuisine, had to go through such troubles to prepare for their recent review, you wouldn’t know it by the outcome. In fact, the restaurant so impressed Anne Hillerman, restaurant reviewer for the Albuquerque Journal, she wrote a feature on Luminaria titled “A Shining Example of Impeccable Taste.”

A Visit to Luminaria
Luminaria is located inside the Inn and Spa at Loretto, an award winning destination resort that offers all the luxury and amenities a traveler could desire. This extends, of course, to the impeccable food and drink guests can enjoy in its on-property restaurants, including Luminaria. Serving breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, and a full bar, guests have access to an expansive array of amazing foods, all prepared by Luminaria’s new acclaimed chef, Matt Ostrander.

Hillerman complemented the wait staff, assistants, and even its interior decor, noting that if a restaurant could get by on looks alone, Luminaria would have no problem.¬†With a party of five, Hillerman was able to see and sample a number of dishes and courses during her recent visit, of which she said tasted as good as it looked. “The new menu, launched in April,” said Hillerman, “features interesting choices, and every dish I saw was beautifully presented, food as elegant as the setting in which it is served.”


Impeccable Taste in a Frame
What does an award-winning restaurant do after being recognized in such a way? They frame the article, of course. There’s nothing like being featured in a magazine or newspaper; so, it’s something to forever be preserved for all to see. The good people at Luminaria know how important it is to show pride in their establishment and the staff that helped make it happen. They also know how important it is for current and future customers to see those recognized accomplishments – to reinforce the brand and preserve the reputation.

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