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How Medical Professionals Use Custom Article Mounting

When you enter the lobby of Fusion Women’s Health and Wellness in Fort Worth, TX, you are immediately filled with the knowledge that you have chosen to work with the best of the best. That’s because the walls in the tranquil waiting room of this women’s wellness center are filled with recognition plaques, primarily highlighting the career successes of the practice’s lead physician, Dr. Lisa Gardner, OBGYN.

Dr. Gardner has received many awards and recognitions throughout her career, probably most notably of which is the honors of being named among the Top 10 Docs in Fort Worth, TX Magazine in 2009, 2010, and recently again for 2012. Newsweek has also named her a Top Doc in the Country in 2011.

So, what you’ll find on the walls of the wellness center are these articles, custom framed for preservation and display, for all patients to see. In providing such a display, medical professionals are taking that extra step to ensure their patients of their experience, skill, care for patients and community, and of the pride they have in what they do for a living.












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