How Newspaper Article Plaques Help Create a Perfect Workplace

If you are like me, you spend a considerable amount of time at your desk hard at work. Some days it seems like all you do is work, eat, and sleep! So shouldn’t that space be designed to meet your decor needs?

Productive & Efficient

Create a personal productive work space reflects your personality. You work best in a comfortable location that you enjoy being in. This is true whether you are working in a busy office or at your kitchen table at home.


Tips to a Perfect Workplace

  • Lighting. It is important to have adequate lighting conducive to reading documents, staring at the computer and countless other tasks that require the use of your eyes. You should not have to strain to get your work done!
  • Flowers. Flowers are a pleasant touch to your desk. They are vibrant and alive and, more importantly, make people smile.
  • Organization. A proficient organizer makes for an effective worker. Try to maintain a level of tidiness throughout the day and then do a final sweep at the end of your day. This way you do not continually come into a massive pile every morning.
  • Personal Artifact. You work best in a comfortable and familiar setting. While I wouldn’t go overboard with knickknacks, you should have some happy reminders on your desk that are soothing during stressful moments.
  • Newspaper article plaques. Nothing makes you work harder than validation for your efforts. Being featured in any publication is a wonderful thing. Preserve those memories on custom wall plaques.
  • Pleasant Smells. Energizing scents such as jasmine, citrus, mint, and lemon invigorate your senses and wake you up. Try to have something in your space with these scents. It can be a candle or air freshener.
  • Water. Hydration is not only healthy for your body but also for your mind. It allows you to think clearly and be more productive. In addition, if you have water easily accessible, you are less likely to snack on junk food while you work.
dual plaque image for hubspotYou spend a majority of your week in your workspace so it should be a pleasant space personalized with you in mind. Utilizing the tips above can ensure that you will be more productive and eager to work harder.
For more tips on how to create the perfect workspace, take a look at LiveDef’s advice! This site is filled with helpful tips to being creative.

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What do you like to have in your workspace to create a more efficient environment? Please share below.