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How Newspaper Articles Can Help Your Sales Staff Sell More

Does your sales staff get stumped by these questions?

These questions have a tendency to trip up your sales reps just as they are in the middle of their pitch. As they say in sales the best defense is a good offense and providing your sales reps with the proper skills required to navigate a sale is vital. Evidence shows that a seller is more likely to be successful if they welcome objections and are confident in overcoming them.

Why sales get lost
While it is important to celebrate any award, recognition, or press it is also equally important to utilize that press to increase sales. Research shows that nearly 80% of sales are lost because the seller failed to establish trust and credibility. By using articles written about you by a third party, your staff is reinforcing your competence.

What role do newspaper articles play in sales?

Newspaper articles and other positive press are the perfect solution to the problems above. Anything written about your company is a free advertisement. Equip your sales staff and make your great news do the selling for you!

How to train your staff

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Power your sales force

Your sales force acts as your voice to consumers therefore they need to be prepared with the proper words that will result in a sale. Start on your road to higher sales by clicking below to request a free preview of your newspaper article on a plaque.

What are some rebuttal tactics you have seen used?

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