How to Achieve Your Resolution for Better Employee Recognition

If the top of your resolution list this year is giving your employees more of what they want most, then it’s no mystery why you’ve stumbled upon this short, but sweet post. The truth is that the majority of employees claim they are likely to leave a company that doesn’t provide them with the recognition or appreciation they feel they deserve. In fact, nearly 50% say they’ll hit the door running.

Unfortunately, a significant number of employers aren’t meeting this need, falling short of the demand by either not recognizing enough or recognizing inappropriately (i.e., only for tenure instead of performance). So, kick off 2013 the right way: with a strategic plan for employee recognition that will help improve retention by giving them what they want most: recognition of a job well done by sharing the news for all to see.

If your employee, team, or company has been featured in a magazine or newspaper article, then now is the perfect time to show your pride by having that article framed in a custom mount. Being featured in print is a great accomplishment all on its own, especially when it’s to applaud individual or team efforts. But it’s quite another to take that single moment in time and preserve it for many to see for years to come.

A custom article mount from That’s Great News will help you accomplish it. Let us take the good news you wish to preserve and place it in a quality, custom article mount made from the finest materials in a format and style to match a specific personality, personalities, or brand.

See how powerful such a display piece can be and why it will make a difference in the way your employees feel about working for the company that provides such a reward. You can see it for FREE today with our no-obligation, online preview. Just provide a few simple details about the publication and we’ll send you an email in 24 to 48 hours.