How to Bring the 2012 Olympics Home with Custom Article Mounting



The 2012 Olympic Games are upon us as the world has turned its attention for two weeks to focus on the skill and endurance of the chosen few. Regardless of what separates one country from another in differences and griefs, it seems as though the Olympic Games make great strides in forming a connection.


This is easily credited to the amazing skills these individual representatives share. They have worked hard, often sacrificing more than others could fathom, in order to excel at their sport and make it to this center stage. Now, all the hard work has culminated into this opportunity to showcase all they have developed.


For the Olympians

If you have a friend or family member who’s participating in the 2012 Olympics, then you have a wonderful opportunity to mark this often-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Custom article mounting allows you to take a magazine article or newspaper article that has featured that individual or the sport in which he/she competes, and preserve it elegantly in a custom article mount.


A great example is the recent magazine article in People featuring the inspirational story of Gabrielle Douglas, who made history with her all-around Gold Medal in Gymnastics. If you’re a friend or family member of Gabby’s, a custom article mounting to mark this significant milestone in Gabby’s life will surely be appreciated by providing her or you with a way to preserve these memories forever.


Don’t Know an Olympian?

You don’t have to know an Olympian to take advantage of this great opportunity to create a permanent way to remember significant moments in the 2012 Olympic Games. You, too, can have a custom article mounting created to forever preserve memories from the Olympics.


No Obligation, 100% Satisfaction Gaurantee

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