How To Generate Great Press Articles: The Do-It-Yourself CEO

newspaper-article-wall-plaque-wall-street-journalEvery CEO or business owner loves to look at a wall decorated with plaque mounted press articles. Here’s how one CEO does it quite well.

Jennifer Walzer, founder and President of Backup My Info!, shares this advice about celebrating accomplishments and getting outstanding press coverage without a public relations company.

The Trophy Value of Plaques

“I hang the articles on the wall not out of vanity but because I think it’s important to celebrate these accomplishments. It’s great for company morale, and it reminds me to keep doing the things that have gotten us that coverage in the first place.” Her plaque clippings come from publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, The New York Daily News and The New York Enterprise Report.

Five PR Tips That Work – A Summary

1. Network, network, network. “You’ve got to be willing to put yourself out there and tell your story over and over and over again.”

2. Discover your most interesting story. “There may be aspects of your life and your business that you take for granted but that others will find interesting. In my case, I am a female chief executive running a technology business, which is a bit of a rarity even today.”

3. Target the reporters who are looking for your story. “Pay attention to who writes for (relevant industry) publications and what they write about, then contact the reporters you like, tell them you admire their work, provide a brief (and intriguing) overview of your story and offer yourself as a source.

4. Use structured services. “If you prefer a more structured approach, sign up for Help A Reporter Out. This is a great service that connects reporters with potential sources using daily e-mail blasts.”

5. Nominate your business for awards. “Nominate your company for awards given by media publications. For example, The New York Enterprise Report accepts applications each spring for its small-business awards in the New York area.”

Do-It-Yourself: Does it Really Work?

In a follow-up article on do-it-yourself PR, Jennifer does the type of soul searching that every CEO faces. She asks herself, “Would my business be better served by my stepping out of my comfort zone (connecting with different media outlets and having the opportunity to tell the world about my experiences and my team) and learning how to be a real chief operating officer? How do I figure out what I really should be doing?”

And, most recently, Jennifer has changed here mind about PR, sort of.

Path to Success

Jennifer’s path to success is two-fold and is something that everyone can follow: discover what works and ask the big questions.

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