How to Get a Blog Published

Bloggers who know what they are doing are blogging on a regular basis, pushing new content to the Internet in order to improve their search engine rankings and provide high-value, free information to customers. This is also known as content marketing. And, because most are doing so on a daily basis, or at least three to four times a week, one of the biggest challenges can be identifying the right type of content and having it written and ready to distribute in a timely manner. It’s such a demanding task, in fact, that many businesses find it necessary to have a full-time blogger on staff to handle the task.

So, when it comes to generating good quality content, there are many blogs that are more than willing to accept the help that comes from knowledgeable writers. Here’s how to help your chances of being one of the chosen to assist:

  • Do your research – It’s important to make sure you pitch a blog with a close alignment to your own expertise. That way, if you are trying to target the blog’s audience specifically, there’s a better chance for those same people or businesses to find your information beneficial, as well as your own products or services (if applicable).
  • Relevant content – You never want to approach a blog or publication by pitching the same topics or subject matter they’ve already been publishing. In other words, don’t pitch the editor by saying, “Hey, I just read this blog on your competitor’s site and I can rewrite it for you.” Instead, you want to come up with your own completely original content or even another angle on a hot topic.
  • Have a pitch in mind – Go ahead and draft out a copy of your pitch. You need to know what you’re going to write about first and foremost. Most editors want to know your catchy title, a brief summary, and possibly a sample of your writing. Plan to tell why you picked his/her blog as well as a little about your background and why you are qualified to speak to his/her audience.

The upside of pitching blogs to bloggers is that the rules are typically much more relaxed than pitching a print publication. And, as mentioned, they need a lot more content, more regularly; so, there are greater chances of having your content accepted. Just make sure you mind your p’s and q’s when it comes to writing well and proofreading…content marketing demands the same attention to detail as almost any other literature.

Once it Happens
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