How to Get Employee Recognition Right

In a July 2012 article in Forbes, the results of its recent employee recognition study were announced—many of which were pretty eye-opening. The most notable discovery, we think, was the fact that organizations that offer recognition programs to their employees tend to far outperform those that do not. But, of course, an organization must focus on the correct types of employee recognition programs used in order to realize the greatest success—something Forbes found most organizations in their study were not mastering.

How They’re Getting it Wrong
What the study found instead was that a very large portion of organizations with recognition programs in place, 87% to be exact, are rewarding tenure. That’s right – they reward people for staying with the company, and not for the work completed. What we’ve found time and again, however, is that employees want to be recognized by their company for the contributions they make in order to stay long periods of time in the first place. In fact, a survey by OfficeTeam reveals that nearly half of workers say they are likely to leave a position if they didn’t feel appreciated by their manager.

How to Get it Right
The conclusion made by Forbes following their results was that modern and re-engineered recognition programs that demonstrate a company’s pride in an employee can make a significant impact on the company. Additionally, those company’s scoring in the top 20% for their recognition-rich cultures can boast about 31% lower voluntary turnover. The key is in finding those things which are worth recognizing in an employee. Examples can include:

  • Behaviors you want to commend and reinforce
  • Attitudes or performances that exemplify the company’s culture
  • Community service recognition
  • And the like…

Oftentimes, it’s easy for one of the above recognition-worthy actions to make it into a feature article, written in a company, local, or national magazine or newspaper. And, nothing shows an organization’s pride in an employee more than when it shares his or her good news, or posts that news for all to see. A great way to do that, of course, is with a custom article frame.impeccabletaste

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