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How to Get Your Magazine Article Published in Five Easy Steps

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If you’re a writer with a desire to be a contributor for a well-known magazine publication, then you know how coveted the position is and how difficult it is to obtain. In fact, there are tens of thousands of writers competing for the same lucky shot at getting noticed by magazine editors at any number of publications around the world. But even with a ridiculously long list of publications out there for which you can be considered as a contributing writer, only a chosen few will ever get a real shot at having his or her work published, much less joining the ranks of an editorial team.

How can you stand out from the crowd? With these five simple steps:

  1. Research: There is a lot of homework that must be done before even attempting to submit an article idea for consideration. The first step is to research your article topic thoroughly. It’s always best to choose a topic on which you are considered an expert or that which you have extensive knowledge and experience. You want to steer clear of topics that have already been chosen by other similar publications. For instance, you don’t want to pitch: “I recently read in another magazine about ABC topic and can write a similar article for you.” It’s a fair assumption that magazines are always going to want original, unpublished content.
  2. Identify the Publication: Next you will need to identify the publication(s) that interests you most and with which you have the closest match in terms of writing style and subject matter. There are hundreds out there; so, make a list and narrow it down.
  3. Learn the Editor’s Name: Once you have a publication or two in mind, find out the editor to whom you will most likely pitch your idea. If you’re article is about a groundbreaking new facial regimen, then you are probably going to pitch it to the beauty editor. Learn his or her first and last name.
  4. Get Social: Social media gives us opportunities we never dreamed of even ten years ago. Leverage them. Find out where the editor has a profile and begin to follow him or her. Many editors these days have Twitter accounts, for instance. Find the profile and follow it. This will allow you direct access, albeit through an indirect source. Make contact. Complement a recent article. You will be enabled to build a repoire that can open the door to future opportunity.
  5. Make the Pitch: Once you’ve made contact and demonstrated interest and knowledge, you’re in a better position to make an idea pitch with greater chances of being heard. Just make sure that when you do so, you thoroughly understand the publication’s guidelines for submission and follow them precisely.

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