How to Immortalize Your Online Articles with plaques

They say the printed word is dying. The publishing industry has turned to eBooks and eReaders as the way of the future, leaving book stores like Borders high and dry.

But perhaps most telling, has been the decline of print newspapers. There has not only been a an increased move of existing news outlets to move content online, but online-only news sites such as The Huffington Post are perhaps more popular than ever. And who knows, maybe they’re right; maybe the printed word is dying. But that doesn’t mean it has to be forgotten.

One of the greatest things about a printed newspaper is the very physical nature of it. It’s something you can touch and hold, and feel, and most importantly save. There are likely very few people in the world who have not at some point saved a cutout from a newspaper. It could be about anything: an event, a personal accomplishment that made the news, even a comic strip.

But the real question is how to best treasure those clippings you’ve already made, or make in the future–after all, the printed word isn’t dead yet.

Because one thing that can be said for the printed word, is that if it’s not taken care of, it won’t last. Newsprint isn’t exactly the sturdiest paper. So what are the options if you want to preserve articles?

Well, of course there’s basic scrapbooking, one of the most time-honored manners used to preserve articles from newspapers or magazines. But scrapbooking is tedious, and while personalized, the format doesn’t lend itself as well to display if you have just a few special articles you want to make note of.

Then there’s framing. You can go to the local art supply store and get some matting and frame, and maybe make a passable display. You also always pay to preserve articles through a professional framer, but that’s expensive, and still lacks the customization and personality that you might want.

So what then is the answer? Preserve articles and clippings with custom wall displays.

That’s Great News (888-715-4900) will take your cherished memories and save them in a unique way that no other format offers. That’s Great News offers custom wall plaques that take the personalization of scrapbooking, and combines it with the easy-display nature and solid permanency of framing.

One of the best parts about That’s Great News, is you don’t even need to have the article anymore. Remember an article from years ago that you wish you’d saved? Just give them the details and they’ll track it down for you. And then once they do, you get to decide on size, color, engraving, and other personal touches. 

So whether it’s your:

  • Business Opening/Landmark achievement
  • Little League team winning a championship
  • Children’s honor roll mentions and certificates  
  • Wedding announcements
  • Advertisements

That’s Great News offers a wonderful way to preserve articles, and therefore preserve memories. So, in the end, who cares if the printed word is dying? It can live forever up on your wall.