How to preserve old newspaper articles and create your own plaque.

Why preserve old newspaper articles?

Because saving and preserving old newspaper articles is like preserving cherished memories, and the fact you’ve kept them in the first place means you probably don’t want to watch them yellow, break down or tear in that box you’re keeping them in, right?

It’s simply in our nature to save memories of:

  1. Past events,
  2. Proud moments and sentimental stories
  3. Wedding announcements,
  4. Your face in the news,
  5. Your loved one’s proudest moment 

If it’s been in the paper, you’ll probably cut it out and save it.

If you knew there was a service to help you preserve those articles professionally, and at the same time help you hang and display them proudly on your wall for all to see, wouldn’t you take it?

If you could Google search a company and submit your request and the date of the paper and have a professional company create a lasting memory for you.

That’s Great News offers one of the best services around.  Aware that many of their existing and potential customers have old, saved newspaper cuttings, they want to help them do something about it.

Our service can restore your old newspaper cuttings and create beautiful wall plaques, in a process that professionally seals the newspapers to make them last a lifetime.

Whether you’re preserving them for yourself, or creating a special gift for a loved one or relative, That’s Great News. will make sure your special cuttings will last a lifetime!

For you, it means no more worrying about losing the memories you want to cherish, and having them there to see whenever you feel like it – the only thing you have to worry about is people noticing the date on them!

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