How to Stretch Your Marketing Investment a Bit Further

Marketing can be a significant investment, depending on your chosen channels. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to discover a way to stretch your marketing dollar so that you could reach multiple audiences across various platforms with negligible additional investment? Good news: You Can.


The Limitations
When you purchase an ad in a newspaper or magazine, there is significant outlay. In most cases, that ad runs for a single issue unless a multi-run discount is received in which the ad appears in a number of sequential editions. Either way, the investment is usually steep and only seen by the prospective customers who read that publication.

Making it Go Further
The great news is that an ad, or even a feature article for that matter, doesn’t have to be limited to this lifespan or budget. For a very insignificant additional investment, the print or online version of that ad or article can be captured in a high quality custom article frame. The individual or business featured therein then has a unique opportunity to put that beautifully well preserved investment piece in a place where a completely different audience can benefit from its message.

After all, why make such a large investment in an ad or article that only a limited audience will be able to view when you can get two-for-the-(almost)-price-of-one? Give others the opportunity to encounter a custom article or ad frame by hanging it proudly on your wall, in a frame created just for you.

See how great it will look today with a FREE, no-obligation online preview. Get started now.