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How to View Your Custom Framed Article for FREE

Have you or your business ever been featured in a newspaper or magazine? If so, you know just how much pride comes with such an accomplishment. You, your team, or your organization worked very hard to earn that recognition, and there is something so rewarding that comes with seeing your name in print.


But preserving your news in print should never include the following:

  1. You should never place the magazine or newspaper in a stack of other papers in the lobby to hopefully be read by customers; it deserves the guarantee of being seen.
  2. It also shouldn’t be cut out and laminated. This practice is an antiquated one that does not preserve quality or integrity of the printed piece, and has shown to immediately devalue a paper with historical significance.
  3. And, your news definitely shouldn’t lose it luster by being discounted as not a big deal. It IS a big deal. Newspapers and magazines, especially these days, are particularly choosy of what they allow to consume space in a publication they are trying to make as cost effective as possible. So, your name, feature article, or imagery within it should always be seen as a huge coup.


The best action you can and should take to ensure you have that piece of news to enjoy in pristine condition for many years to come is to have it custom mounted. With the many options that come from That’s Great News, you can have either a wood mount or a one-of-a-kind acrylic frame with stainless steel mounts for a look with dimension feel.


lucinda acrylic plaque small

Better yet, you now can see how great your newspaper or magazine article will look for FREE. Just click on the link below, provide us with a few details about your news, and we will send you an online preview of exactly how your news will look framed in a custom mount from That’s Great News. There’s no obligation to purchase, and with our 30-day money-back guarantee, even after you purchase it is a completely risk-free decision you will be so glad you made. Get started now!

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