Labor Day in America: Setting the Tone with Custom Article Framing

Labor Day was conceived as a way to pay tribute and give thanks to American workers for all the strength and prosperity they have allowed the country. Celebrated on the first Monday in September, Labor Day is a holiday that is typically marked with a paid vacation (or holiday) day from work, in which individuals and families either rest, or do just the opposite by setting out for picnics, water games, fireworks, and other gatherings to mark the special occasion.

A Way to Make it More
While Labor Day provides a great opportunity for an employer to demonstrate thanks with a paid day off, it’s important to understand the availability of other options that allow managers to extend the “thanks” of Labor Day into a year-round show of appreciation. The number one reason an employee leaves a place of work voluntarily is because of lack of appreciation. So, it’s important to remember how crucial the right amount of recognition can be, as well as the ways in which you can ensure employees are “feeling it.”

One way to ensure employee recognition happens as it should is to proudly display the accomplishments of the company, the team, or the individual him/herself. And, what better way to do so than with the use of custom article framing?

Custom Article Framing
When your company, team, or team member is featured in a magazine or newspaper article, that’s something of which you all should be proud. And, nothing shows pride more than to spread the word about the accomplishment, publicly congratulating those recognized and letting your customers help you celebrate. It will demonstrate to your employees the pride management takes in a job well done, that it knows how to properly recognize such accomplishments, and that the employee brings value to the table, either individually or as a team.


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Custom Framing from That’s Great News
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