Local Junk Dealer Blazes Green Trail with Custom Article Framing

Did you ever watch a city trash truck filling its belly and wonder if there were a better way to rid ourselves of unneeded clutter? As luck has it, there’s John Patterson and his 1-800-Got Junk franchise out of Madison, Wisconsin.


Out of the Landfill and In Living Color
What makes Patterson different from most 1-800-Got Junk franchisees is that his focus isn’t only helping his clients get rid of unwanted stuff. He also wants to keep that stuff out of the local landfill, and by renting a giant warehouse to serve as a sorting facility, he’s cut the amount of waste his trucks take to the landfill by 75 percent. Entrepreneur Magazine gave the unique businessman a full-color spread to highlight his commitment to recycling, and the self-proclaimed minimalist who ran a small but growing business, immediately earned a reputation as an environmentalist of the first order. Instead of talking about reducing landfill waste, he was actually doing it on a large scale, and his inventive recycling outlets and local charities weren’t the only ones profiting. The folks of Madison were junk-free, grateful and happy to know they weren’t contributing much to the city’s trash trove.

It’s Not Bragging if it’s True
Patterson’s minimal sense of style made room for a little custom article mounting to immortalize his time in the spotlight. Rather than keep an entire magazine and flip through to show his budding company’s media coverage, the junk mogul of Madison opted for a custom wall plaque to show off his ink. Now, the plaque speaks for itself, and Patterson’s guests and clients can read all about his dedication to the greening of Wisconsin, even if Patterson himself doesn’t bring it to their attention. It may be a humble brag, but if it’s also beautiful and tells a story about the marriage of idealism and entrepreneurship, then it’s certainly not fodder for Patterson’s 1-800-Got Junk trucks. Instead, it’s fodder for conversation about a subject near and dear to his heart.

Go On, Frame it!
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