Magazine article framing to preserve mount and display your success.

Magazine articles capture moments in time.  They can be about big life changing events for societies, organizations, or simply a personal story that holds a deeper meaning.  No matter what the story, a newspaper or magazine article that expresses a meaningful event can become an important memento that can be displayed on the walls of companies, offices or homes to show to the public and serve as reminders for the article holder of their accomplishments or successes.  

For example, it is highly advisable to display the achievements of a company on a wall where clients may see and become acquainted with their significant performances.  This way, it also shows their recognition in the larger community and public sphere.  Displaying your successes is a valuable tool.  But how does one preserve these magazine articles and hang them in a tasteful, attractive and professional manner?

Magazine article framing has become a specialized service developed to preserve and properly mount the normally fragile and disintegrating print so that the client may keep their magazine article as an object that endures time and wear.

The permanence of the product is created by a specialized laminating process that protects the magazine article from moisture and sun erosion.  The article is made permanently flat and typically mounted onto a wooden plaque in an aesthetic way, displaying all of the text and photos on one surface.  The layout is determined in concert with the client and the professional framers.  And also typically, an engraved smaller plate is mounted with the necessary information onto the larger plaque.  

Mounting the magazine article onto a plaque rather than putting it behind glass, makes for a stronger product that is safe from the danger of breakage like shattering glass and damaging the article with scratches that are nearly impossible to touch up.  This way, the plaques last much longer.  

The finished, desired product should be a fitting representation of the magazine article, suitably presenting the content in a polished and professional manner and succeeding in conveying to an audience the extent of the significance of the article itself.  One can never underestimate the importance of the design and professional appearance of such a memento and how it represents you or your business to the outside world.  

That’s Great News is a professional team that has specialized in magazine and newspaper article preservation and framing for longer than most.  Their client list boasts professional sport organizations, national corporations, as well as private and smaller clients.  They have served over a million people and have over 15 years of experience and understand the needs and wants of the industry.  They turn your articles into long lasting, beautiful keepsakes.  

Their professional designers use state of the art equipment and each plaque is hand beveled. The handcrafted plaques are made with great care and precision.  Their business model is for timely and efficient service with satisfaction guaranteed otherwise the plaques will be remade at no extra charge.  

They service all of the United States and Canada and are easily reachable by phone.  Orders can also be placed conveniently online, where you can choose from a variety of woods and stains and choose the layout yourself.  The plaque is then created and mailed to you within two to six weeks.  That’s Great News doesn’t just preserve and frame or mount magazine articles, they also find creative ways to preserve other mementos like wedding invitations, show boards, record sleeves or sports memorabilia.

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