Marketing 101 with Newspaper Article Mounting

Marketing is a interesting animal. You can spend thousands of dollars on a tactic that may only bring in 10% of total leads, while something that costs you nothing or very little does wonders with conversions. Article mounting is one of those interesting little tactics that has proven to be an effective method for catching the customer eye, and for very little green.


What is Article Mounting?
Article mounting is the simple process of taking a magazine or newspaper article that has been written about you, your company, your team, or an employee, and framing or mounting it in such a way that it preserves it for life. There are different materials used and a number of available styles, all custom tailored to fit the company’s individual needs.


Why Does Article Mounting Work?
This form of marketing works for many, many reasons, but the two most easily identifiable and important reasons are the following:

  1. Advertising – By taking a magazine or newspaper article in which you have been featured and hanging it in a nice mount where customers can easily view it, you are achieving some very powerful advertising for extremely low costs compared with other tactics. Customers want to work with award winning companies. They want to work with a business who does what it does very well. They want to work with people who take pride in what they do and have been recognized for it. It’s okay to display your achievements – your customers and prospectives want to know these highly appealing facts.
  2. Recognition – Did you know that the #1 reason employees leave a job voluntarily is due to lack of recognition for a job well done? You can show employees your proud of the job they’ve done and the contribution they’ve made to the company’s achievements with a newspaper or magazine article mount. Displaying that article for all to see not only touts the company’s reputation, but recognizes the employees who help make it possible.


Who is Using It?
While this is a tried and true practice used by many reputable companies around the world, there’s no better proof than a marketing company who places emphasis on its importance. Cowtown Creative, a Fort Worth, TX-based B2B and B2C marketing firm, is one such company. Recognized recently in STRATEGY Magazine for its innovation in social media and personal brand management, Cowtown Creative is proudly displaying the feature article at its headquarters.


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How Can I Get it?
If you’ve been recognized in a magazine or newspaper article, it’s time to let everyone know. That’s Great News has many different options and styles to suit your personal needs and tastes, including our one-of-a-kind Lucinda Acrylic Plaque series (pictured above). With our high quality materials and unbeatable preservation process, your article will be placed safely in a mount for all to see without the hassle of do-it-yourself.

Let us show you how good you will look in one of these mounts with our FREE, no-obligation, online preview. Just click below to get started.