Memorial Day Honors with Custom Article Framing

Once known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day in America is a special holiday, allowing for time to remember, honor and give thanks to those veterans who have died in service to our country. Officially proclaimed a holiday in May 1868, Americans have long been paying homage to fallen heroes in a number of ways – in our homes, at their gravesites, and at the national museums and monuments where memorabilia hang proudly on display.


Challenge: Preservation and Honor

In almost every family, there is a story to be told of history and valors, of a soldier or a military member who fought proudly and made a contribution on behalf of his or her country. These are the stories that deserve preservation. They are the ones we want told and retold to generations down the line. We also want to ensure honor is bestowed upon those who fought and died so bravely and unselfishly. So, the challenge becomes finding a way to keep the story alive and true, and presented in such a manner that it continues to honor and acclaim for years to come.


Custom Article Framing Accomplishes Both

To accomplish both goals, it’s necessary to use a preservation method that will produce the most dependable results and deliver the highest quality. While many people tend to gravitate toward laminating in order to preserve a magazine article, newspaper article, or other paper product, it’s important to know that laminating can do serious damage to paper, it tends not to preserve quality over the long-run, and it causes a document with historical significance to immediately lose its value.


Custom article framing, on the other hand, achieves both goals. With this approach, you can frame:

  • Newspaper articles – Many stories have been written over the years paying homage to fallen heroes. Now, you can mount those articles and proudly hang them in your home, office, or gift them to a friend or family member to remember their fallen hero.
  • Magazine articles – Magazines, too, such as TIME have paid special tributes to fallen veterans, using the platform to provide a very nice momento to those who have lost and those who will continue to remember.
  • Awards – From certificates, to orders, to special letters received while in the field, there is a large paper trail that exists within our country that ties us to the historical stories once lived by our ancestors. Custom article framing helps ensure their safe keeping forever.


lucinda acrylic plaque


That’s Great News!

Now, every article can have a custom frame with this best-in-class service from That’s Great News. Choose from a wood mount or our one-of-a-kind all-acrylic and stainless steel mount. Both use high quality materials and an unmatched process to ensure the documents contained within benefit from full-preservation.


In fact, we’re so proud of the new Lucinda Acrylic Plaque Series, we will even send you a pair of white gloves to use while hanging to ensure the best appearance for storytelling to many generations to come.


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