Modern Crusaders: Forbes Puts Entrepreneur in Custom Article Mount

Paul Partridge scored big when Forbes Magazine published his article, “Oh, So That’s Why College is So Expensive.” It’s a boon to his business and his cause that won’t soon be forgotten, thanks to custom article mounting.


Partridge Teaches Families How To Save Big
The co-founder of, Partridge makes it his mission to save families money on college. The New Jersey-based company offers free college planning workshops to college-bound teens and their parents. The company website emphasizes that family income isn’t as much a concern as the family’s commitment to completing the requisite paperwork and meeting deadlines for scholarship and aid applications. With the recent news that college tuition is rising faster than inflation, what Partridge and his associates offer could soon be the only viable path to higher education for many American students. It’s a task that is prepared to undertake, but not without a little humor to ease the strain.

Keeping Things in Perspective: Where the Money Goes
Partridge wrote his tongue-in-cheek article to addresses the meteoric rise of college tuitions in the 30 years since he attended Notre Dame. Back then, tuition, fees, room and board came to less than $6,000, Partridge wrote. The same school now costs $55,000 a year, a price tag Partridge said can be negotiable for anyone. At many colleges, it’s also the price that pays for five-star gyms, gourmet food courts, multimillion-dollar campus construction projects and dormitory cable and wi-fi.

Preserving a Lighthearted Look at Excess
Any business that earns coverage in one of the nation’s premiere business magazines would want to highlight that accomplishment and promote it in the most professional way possible. That’s what has done with its Forbes piece, opting for a custom wall plaque that features the full text of Partridge’s article with the Forbes masthead. That plaque will serve for years as proof that, even though college costs a lot of money, offers the hope that it doesn’t have to.

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