Modern Crusaders Series: Custom Article Mounting Highlights an Oasis

You wouldn’t run a marathon without first training your body; and Arizona substance abuse counselor, Richard Poppy, says quitting a chemical addiction requires just as much preparation – of your mind.

Poppy opened Oro Valley’s Desert Star Addiction Recovery Center in 2009. More than an outpatient treatment facility, Desert Star also promotes the idea that addiction isn’t a failure, but an illness. It’s that pioneering attitude and homey atmosphere that earned Poppy’s center a recent feature in The Explorer News. That article, in turn, earned The Explorer a newspaper article mounting to preserve its great news.

Sonoran Desert Star Bulks Up On Comfort
The Desert Star is meant to make its clients feel relaxed, as if they were at home. Poppy said this was to leave behind the cold, clinical detachment of most treatment facilities and hospitals. It’s not punishment for addiction that drives Poppy’s business model; it’s preparation for the next big step in overcoming addiction.

“We frequently compare (recovery) to training for a marathon,” Poppy told The Explorer, “in that the most difficult moments pose both the highest risk for relapse, as well as the greatest opportunity for breakthrough.”

It is the hope of each client’s breakthrough to overcoming addiction that inspires Poppy and his staff of therapists, counselors and psychologists to custom-design each person’s training program. The extra effort to personalize their rehabilitation, says Poppy, pays off in big ways both during and after recovery. In this race, he explained, there’s no winning ribbon or trophy. The goal in this race is independence.

Custom Article Mounting Celebrates Desert Star Press Coverage
Whether it’s recovery from addiction or marathon training, those who help people reach personal milestones are elevated by positive media coverage. Poppy, like many whose crusades take them into people’s lives and hearts, didn’t open the Desert Star with a thought to his own personal stardom. But, the Desert Star itself is what shines through in The Explorer coverage. It highlights the business model that puts people first and their illnesses a distant second in a race to healthy living, and that business model is worth celebrating.

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