Modern Crusaders Series: Waste to Taste with Custom Framed Articles

Recycling was a way of life for Deb Dumond as far back as she can remember. It wasn’t a trendy way to “go green,” it was a way to reuse things that were still useful. In her crusade to personalize gift-giving with handmade items, she realized that new scraps of Corian countertops were going into her local Grafton, New Hampshire, landfill. She salvaged the scraps to make cutting boards for her friends, and like many entrepreneurs, created a business that took on a life of its own.

Remaking Herself and Others
Dumond didn’t plan on becoming a small business owner. She had a full dance card, working at the New Hampshire Technical Institute as a psychology professor, as well as helping the Lake Sunapee Region Visiting Nurses Association of New London with hospice spiritual counseling. It was her nature to reshape what looked broken, and she employed such skill with some scrap material that her cutting boards became a local sensation. She thought they would probably never break down in a landfill, so she named her budding business Forever Boards, because that’s just how long they last. It wasn’t long before local media caught wind of Dumond’s new enterprise and wanted to feature her business.

Forever Boards, Forever Remembered
The New Hampshire Union Leader printed an inspiring business feature on Forever Boards. Readers learned about how Dumond developed the concept, what her product line includes and what benefits the salvaged material offers in its new incarnation. As Forever Boards expands its product offerings, Dumond said she’ll continue to include family and friends in the business and keep it personal. For a moment, though, Forever Boards was silently applauded by Union-Leader readers, and it’s a moment that will also last forever, thanks to a newspaper article mounting technique that saved the entire article in the form of a custom wall plaque. Forever Boards and its enterprising founder, Deb Dumond, will be forever remembered for a recycling idea that turned trash into kitchen treasure.

Forever Yours
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