Moxie Twins, Activate! Jersey Gals Go Big in Custom Article Mounting

The clientele at Moxie Salon & Spa in Ridgewood, New Jersey, isn’t like the crowds at famous Hollywood Salons. Instead, they’re a crowd of Cinderellas, waiting for their Fairy Godmothers – the Dunn twins, Jenn and Jamie – to give them a signature “turbo makeover.” It’s the salon’s notoriety and style that saw it featured in 201 Magazine, and prompted the fledgling stars to seal the story inside custom wall plaques.


Not Their First Brush With Fame
The Dunn sisters always knew that hair and makeup were their forte, and it was their dream of helping other women present the best version of themselves that drove them to study cosmetology at night after finishing up their high school days. First they worked out of their home, eventually opening up their own salon in Montclair. Their dream brought them to Ridgewood to share their hip style with the locals.

The Moxie Twins, as the stylistas are known in their native Saddlebrook, may be small-town Jersey girls who’ve worked hard at becoming successful entrepreneurs, but they’re well-known for another role. They’re among the cast members of VH-1’s reality series, “Why Am I Still Single?,” but it’s a question that comes a distant second to the daily stress and triumph of owning their own salon. That salon, in its own right, has become famous, too, and it’s the stylistic vision of its owners that people come from miles around to witness for themselves.

Visions of the Real Future as a Famous Duo
While their future with “Why Am I Still Single?” may be up in the air, what could also be on the airwaves soon is a reality show based on every day happenings at Moxie Salon & Spa. It’s a whirlwind of blowouts, shampoos, straightening irons and high-drama makeover reveals that leaves the twins and their fans a little breathless. The frenetic energy of that scene may be the perfect match for reality television, but it’s also the perfect setting for their framed memories of local fame, encased in a custom wall plaque for all the world to see.

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