Newspaper Article Mounting: 3 Tips for Success

When your company makes the front page or is featured in a prominent magazine, or your son makes the sports section for his winning touchdown in the big high school game, these are moments you want to preserve. One of the best ways to do so is through the use of a newspaper article preservation process. Newspaper article mounting does just that.


To get the most from any attempt to save and preserve your precious memories in print, there are three tips you should always use:

  1. Keep Out the Elements: To help ensure your newspaper article is protected, it needs to be as removed as possible from exposure to the elements. This means removing it from direct sunlight, keeping it dry and away from moisture, placing it in a temperature-controlled environment, and making sure it stays free of fingerprints. Many people who read these instructions will begin leaning toward the option of lamination for preservation. But it’s important to realize that lamination decreases the value of newspaper articles over time, and historically important articles will not retain a monetary value.
  2. Use a Film or Cover with Clarity: Of course, there is no use in preserving your newspaper article if you are unable to see the content. So, you need to ensure use of a film or cover that allows for maximum clarity.
  3. Full Display Options: To get the most from your preservation efforts, you’ll also want to make sure you are able to preserve and view the entire newspaper article. Choosing a display that allows you to feature one, two or multiple pages of a newspaper article will provide maximum impact and success.

The Lucinda Acrylic Plaque Series

Nothing will help ensure the success of your newspaper article mounting project than with the help of a trained team of professionals like those at That’s Great News. We’ve recently introduced a first-of-its-kind product, called the Lucinda Acrylic Plaque Series, which mounts the article in crystal-clear acrylic. It is mounted off the wall by four stainless steel rods with a satin finish to give it a more dramatic visual effect.

lucinda acrylic plaque


Choosing the Lucinda Acrylic Plaque for your newspaper article mounting project provides maximum benefits, including:

  • Keep Out the Elements: We use a special entrapment system that permanently eliminates the risk of element exposure
  • Use a Film or Cover with Clarity: With all-over acrylic, the visual clarity is crystal-clear; we’re so proud of its clarity, in fact, you’ll receive white gloves to use in mounting to ensure no fingerprints are present
  • Full Display Options: Like all our mounting options, the Lucinda series offers a variety of sizes, from 1- to 6-pages in length


Are you ready to experience success with your newspaper article mounting project? See how your article can look with our FREE, no-obligation preview.