Old newspaper articles can be permanently preserved for display.

For this article we’ve reading up on different ideas on How to display newspaper articles

The consensus was a lot of framing companies want you the consumer to do a lot of the work. 

One site to remain nameless tells you in order to get the right kind of frame you need a ruler, measuring tape, and UV reducing glass?  I thought to myself really, what is UV reducing glass and why do I need it to preserve old newspaper articles.

We would like to make the process a lot easier than having to go out to Home Depot.   

We all have them tucked somewhere in the office, under the bed, I have even recently heard it called cupboard clippings. (old school) 

Somewhere in the house is the old article about a time when you where featured in the newspaper.  Whether it was in high school, college, or maybe later in life you may have been interviewed at your work, saved a wedding announcement,  or cut out the article when your children where born.  We all have old newspaper articles in the house and they all have certain meanings.

The question is why have you not done anything more than put those great memories into a laminated scrapbook.  Ask yourself everytime you look at those photos and articles how does it make you feel. 

What if you had those memories hanging on your wall? At That’s Great News we would like to offer you a way to preserve those old newspaper articles into custom wall displays for your home or office.  The additional benefit is that our process allows for the articles to be permanently sealed and last forever instead of falling apart and turning yellow. 

We create custom wall displays and to secure against natural deterioration and wear, the article is laminated and heat-sealed to the wood, producing a semi-gloss finish. Each plaque includes a personalized engraved plate that details your achievement in gold or silver lettering with a black overlay. The precise workmanship of our skilled team is evident in each and every finished piece. But don’t take our word for it, hear what others have to say about our product.

The next time you open up the cupboard or scrapbook to look at thoe old newspaper articles remember how nice they would look heat sealed preserved and hanging on your wall. 

To learn more about That’s Great News you can click the button below  or call us @ 888-715-4900. We have been creating custom wall plaques for nearly 20 years and hope to hear from you about your features and ideas.