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4 keys to framing magazine pages to create a framed article plaque.

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First of all let’s look at why custom plaques are better than frames. And why preserving an article onto a plaque is far superior to preserving articles than a frame.    Why custom plaques beat framing. Framing an article whether in a magazine or newspaper will over time in

Everyone wants to record their accomplishments for their children, for their businesses, and for their futures. Everyone wants to be seen for the good they’ve done for others and their communities. So, if you’ve had a newspaper article written about you,

There’s nothing quite like being in the news. A feature in the media is a huge achievement, because it’s a sign of interest and goodwill from the community. Whether you have had a magazine article written about you, or

How much money does a company spend on advertising?  If you are a business that has a product or are in a competitive industry the answer is a lot. So when the opportunity arises to take advantage of free press why

3 easy steps to get your magazine article onto a custom laminated wall plaque. In the world today it’s about convenience.  Today more and more people are making purchases online. How are you adapting and developing easy, more convenient ways to help

You put in your time, did the research, conducted the interviews, wrote your heart out, then tore it up and started over. Well, probably not started completely over, but you looked at what you had put together and thought

Article Preservation If you’re looking for an interesting, personalized gift for someone difficult to please, a custom newspaper or magazine wall plaque may be just what you need. Custom framed newspaper and magazine articles are a unique, thoughtful way

We talk all the time about framing magazine pages but what does that actually mean? What we mean is taking your feature article in a magazine and creating a custom display piece you can be proud to hang on

When you preserve the stories of your most notable accomplishments in a featured article plaque, it’s only natural to want that story to look as good as possible, because plaques are designed to last for a long time. After choosing between

For years, That’s Great News customers have used their featured article plaques as a mark of pride and quality that they can show to their own customers. The articles in these plaques represent moments of greatness from the subject’s past, accomplishments