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4 keys to framing magazine pages to create a framed article plaque.

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Between maintaining customer accounts, managing employees, and just keeping the business on its feet, finding the time to handle your marketing can seem impossible. However, there are ways to put your business’ name out there without spending hours agonizing

Business owners are some of the most innovative, driven people on this planet. As Forbes magazine indicated, small businesses are the foundation of this country and help power the economy. Their effort is endless. But more often than not their efforts go

In any business, keeping employees motivated is a great way to keep people productive and engaged with their work. The challenge is finding ways to generate that much-needed buzz among workers to get them excited and motivated to do

They say the printed word is dying. The publishing industry has turned to eBooks and eReaders as the way of the future, leaving book stores like Borders high and dry. But perhaps most telling, has been the decline of print

If you’ve never thought about laminating a key newspaper article, magazine page or picture for a priceless gift, you are in for a rare treat. Once you see how delighted the recipients  are, how they light up at the

Recently, we’ve talked a lot about our new backgrounds for acrylic plaques. However, we here at That’s Great News do more than just acrylic plaques. Over the years, we have helped many customers commemorate their achievements with wood featured article

Why preserve old newspaper articles? Because saving and preserving old newspaper articles is like preserving cherished memories, and the fact you’ve kept them in the first place means you probably don’t want to watch them yellow, break down or tear

This year, you and the rest of your office worked hard, put in the extra hours, and really wowed the business world. Whether you’ve broken some kind of business record, or have made enormous contributions to your community, your

For this article we’ve reading up on different ideas on How to display newspaper articles.  The consensus was a lot of framing companies want you the consumer to do a lot of the work.  One site to remain nameless tells

We are talking about a big deal here.  Being on the cover of a magazine publication is huge! So simple right just go ahead and get it framed. Framing magazine covers is easy?  Right? Well, am I going to use the