Personalized Wall Plaques- A Perfect Way to Show Your Appreciation

A personalized wall plaque featuring a newspaper or magazine article offers a unique and thoughtful opportunity to show your family, co-workers, colleagues and friends that you have recognized their hard work and success. Because the best gifts are the ones that convey meaning, personalized wall plaques turn a wonderful memory into a tangible piece of a person’s history.
The Power of a Personalized Plaque
  • Motivational- When hard work is applauded, it fuels the fire of the individual which increases the likelihood that they will continue to work hard.
  • Customized- Each plaque comes with a laser engraved nameplate that can be personalized with anything from names and credentials to sentimental quotes and words of inspiration.
  • Thoughtful- Taking the time out to have a professional transform a simple article into a unique wall display is an incredibly considerate action that makes a large impact on the recipient.
  • Well Made- Our craftsmen use the finest quality materials to ensure your personalized wall plaque is properly finished and in perfect condition for hanging.
  • Lasts Forever- Our company prides itself on producing the best quality plaques that come with a lifetime guarantee. The article will never fade or yellow.

Recognize the Special People in Your Life

There’s an awesome power to showing appreciation, says Michael Hyatt. Whether given to a friend, family member, colleague, or employee, a personalized wall plaque can make a powerful statement.


What are some memorable ways you have seen people show their appreciation? Please share below.