Plaque Companion: When All You Need is a Little Companionship

Good news deserves to be framed, and we’ve covered the many occassions and reasons for doing so in a number of other blogs in recent posts. But, sometimes, there is reason for not needing to have a complete article framed. Instead, you just need a little reminder of what happened, when it happened, and where it happened. What you need is a plaque companion, which will allow you to share your good news with others, with or without the entirety of the original article in a frame by its side.

Why Not?
What could possibly keep someone from ordering a complete article frame? Just a few reasons why one may not be needed or feasible in a given situation include:

  • Lack of article – If someone was featured in an article ten years ago and does not have a current copy of that article or there is no access to an online version, then it may not be possible to frame the actual piece.
  • Restrictive Space – When wall space is limited, it may not be possible or practical to place a full-size frame.
  • Cost-prohibitive – While the custom article plaques from That’s Great News come with very affordable pricing, budget restrictions on gifting options can make a smaller alternative more feasible.

What Instead?
Regardless of the reason for wanting or needing a plaque companion, this exclusive product line offers you the ability to recognize all the pertinent information about your big news, in a compact and precise manner. They are also completely customizable, just like their full-size counterparts. You can choose from the classic wood plaque, in your choice of colors, or the one-of-a-kind Lucinda Acrylic Plaque series, which comes with stainless steel, dimensional mounts with an off-the-wall appeal.

mini-plaque-2BAs the Name States…
And, of course, as the name states, this is a plaque companion. So, it’s always a good idea to add this distinguished little product on to an order for a custom article plaque. When you order both, you can either hang them together, utilizing the plaque¬†companion to supplement the information provided about the article, or you can hang them apart, giving you the opportunity for promotion in more than one place.

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