Preserving Memories with Custom Article Framing

Many of the memories on which our lives are built are fleeting. What the mind cannot retain is captured in photos and in letters, legal documents, newspaper articles, scrapbooks, tapes and DVDs, and others; all of which, are subject to destruction if not properly cared for. And, according to the Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University, “The best way to minimize damage to your family records is to properly store your papers away from four hazards that measurably shorten paper’s lifespan: heat, humidity, light, and careless handling by people.”

  1. Heat – Heat is an enemy of paper-based products. Heat in almost any form will destroy photo paper, but it can do significant damage to just about any wood-based paper. And, if it gets hot enough, these products can simply catch on fire.
  2. Humidity – Humidity carries water, which will bleed color, warp the texture, and thin the layers, making it subject to tearing before it’s dry.
  3. Light – If you’ve ever seen a photo left in the sun or in direct sunlight for any length of time, you understand that sunlight fades photo paper. It also has a tendency to “yellow” other paper forms.
  4. Careless Handling – Just about anything can happen to a document or photo when others are allowed to handle them. While tearing and smudging are major concerns, just the oil from one’s fingerprints can do significant damage.

The Solution: Custom Article Framing

To ensure memories are preserved with a quality that lasts a lifetime, custom article framing is the solution. This method, provided by That’s Great News, allows you to take magazine articles, newspaper articles, historical documents, and more, and preserve them in a beautifully-crafted all-wood or acrylic frame. The custom framing process used by our professionals encases your article in quality materials that ensure the longest life possible, free from all the elements that could possibly do it harm.


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One-of-a-kind Acrylic Framing

We also recently introduced the Lucinda Acrylic Plaque series, a mounting or framing alternative that can only be found at That’s Great News. With this amazing option, your article can be mounted off the wall by four stainless steel rods with a satin finish, housed in crystal-clear acrylic. Your article will be fully preserved and viewable with crystal clarity.

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See How Your Article Will Look

If you want to see how your article will look before you place an order, then try our FREE online preview. We’ll show you exactly how good it can look and there’s no obligation for purchase. All work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try it today and ensure your memories are well preserved.