Put it in a Custom Article Mount: Celebrating Success Creates Success

Success is our life’s pursuit. It’s what we all want and desire; yet only a rather small percentage of the world’s population achieve true success. In fact, a recent study by students at Harvard Business School uncovered some rather startling realizations. According to their categorizations, only 3% of people are successful, 30% are somewhat successful, and the other two-thirds are simply watching life go by.

It’s easy to see then why it’s so important to celebrate successes when they come to us. And, according to a recent article, there are many benefits to celebrating when you come into success, and it’s those benefits that have the power to bring even more success your way.

The benefits of success are in multitude, but the four primarily recognized in this article include:

  1. acknowledgment – This means recognizing the fact you’ve reached something for which you have striven.
  2. Creativity – Celebrating your success gives you a break from work and can be just what the doctor ordered when trying to spark creativity for even more success-producing results.
  3. Appreciation – You must appreciate your own work, accomplishments, and successes before anyone else can do the same. Appreciating and taking pride in what you can do will show others there is a reason to do the same.
  4. Remembrance – It is easier to remember your accomplishments when you commemorate them with a celebration of some sort.

So, how do you celebrate in a way that will help you get the most benefit and ensure your continued success? The article encourages readers to follow it’s advice, choosing one or more of its five recommended celebration tactics; but it’s the #1 recommendation that rings most true: “Tell someone. Often just telling someone else that you’ve experienced a business success may be enough of a celebration – particularly if you confide your accomplishment to someone who can appreciate what went into your achievement.”

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