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Quality Management in Newspaper Article Mounting

Kayhan International Limited boasts a reputation for business furnishings and design, but that’s not all the Chicago-area business has to offer. With a new custom wall plaque to mark his distinction as the Daily Herald Business Ledger CFO of the Year 2012, Kayhan CFO Jim Idstein adds something to Kayhan that’s as simple as basic arithmetic. He brings an understanding that Total Quality Management can be implemented in businesses of any size, and that the numbers most important to small business – those of its bottom line – can benefit, too.

TQM By The Numbers
Idstein is no stranger to managing money. For more than 30 years, he’s worked in accounting, primarily as a financial manager. He’s invested nearly half of his career at Kayhan, and it’s during that time that he has honed his commitment to continuous improvement. According to Idstein, Total Quality Management can be applied in the small business setting without major investment or interruptions in business. In an article he published in Management Accounting just five years before he joined the Kayhan team, Idstein related his personal experience with volunteer QM teams at a sign manufacturing business. He wrote that the key to true quality improvement is getting employees involved in the effort and letting them blaze a trail to better business practices.

Custom Article Mounting Frames The Moment In Context
Idstein was one of only two small business CFOs honored with the Ledger’s CFO of the Year Award for 2012, one of 15 total honorees in various business categories. While the coverage he received in the Ledger brought Idstein plenty of attention, in no time at all he was back to the business of improving business in Schaumburg – proving once again that dedication, duly rewarded, doesn’t take a vacation for long.

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