Recognition Plaques And Other Ideas That Help Build Success

It’s well documented that leaders who take the time to recognize the mini-achievements of their employees generate higher overall productivity. A smart leader recognizes the tiny victories which in turn motivates employees to continue to create them. Easier said than done, however. So, below, I put together a few simple and valuable ways to reach out to your employees. custom-plaque-with-plaque-companion copy

How Leaders Can Recognize Success

  • Remember that for every bit of negative feedback, you must offer 10 bits of positive feedback. Criticism does not have to be harsh if it is done in a respectful manner that also includes positive notes.
  • Single out individual employee contribution by presenting them with something tangible as a way to express gratitude in a powerful way. Recognition plaques are one example.
  • Acknowledge employees monthly with a reward. This can be done with lunch, gas cards, or a half day off. The options are infinite. For more ideas see 25 Ways to Reward Employees (Without Spending a Dime).
  • Recognize the employees’ role in the grand scheme of things. If every person has a job to do and they do it well, it brings the company closer to success. You might enjoy Three Tips for Helping Employees Feel Valued.

Teamwork Leadership is filled with relevant information for being a leader. Below are a few of their tips.

  • Sticky Note Appreciation– Surprise employees with a sticky note placed on their computer monitors.
  • Transfer marbles– Keep marbles in your right pocket and for each compliment you give an employee, transfer one marble to your left pocket.
  • Send foosball tables– If you know of a game that your employees enjoy, reward them with the game while at work. It will help blow off steam and increase productivity.

Don’t Forget The Two Powerful Words

More importantly, do not forget to say “Thank You.” It is a simple and free way that makes a big difference.

If you are thinking about using a plaque for recognition, click below to get started on creating opportunities to say, “Thank You.”