Recognizing Student Athletes

With the fall semester of school well underway, so is the fall sports season. Between football, soccer, cross country, volleyball, field hockey, and tennis, student-athletes and their coaches are very busy in the fall season. Many local publications will feature student athletes and teams for their accomplishments. This is a very exciting and proud moment for the student-athlete, their friends and family, their coaches, the school, and the community.

These memories should be preserved to recognize and remember the accomplishments that student-athletes make on and off the field. When newspaper articles are framed in a traditional frame, exposure to sunlight will cause them to yellow and fade over time. We provide a unique solution to this problem. Through our advanced printing method, our products are guaranteed to never yellow or fade.

Below is just a few examples of some of the memories and accomplishments of student-athletes and those closest to them that we have helped preserve for a lifetime. If you would like a free preview of your article or pictures, just click below. One of our representatives will email you a proof shortly.