Schools Honor Staff Achievements With Custom Wall Plaques

It’s no secret that great educators help develop successful and motivated members of society, but it also pays to recognize the accomplishments of those educators as professionals in their field. Forth Worth, Texas magazine recently named Jason Sabotin of Arlington Heights High School one of 15 Top Teachers in 2012. It’s an honor Sabotin accepted graciously, adding that his primary focus isn’t strictly what happens in his classroom, but a desire to make a difference in the teaching profession as it evolves in the 21st Century.


Teachers, Changing the Face of Teaching
Some of the winners of this year’s Top Teachers awards were nominated by current and former students, who emphasized their teachers’ dedication to going above and beyond just teaching them in the classroom. Students said they felt valued by the teachers who recognized their achievements and supported them at sporting events and other extracurricular activities, always encouraging them to continue working toward their goals in the classroom and beyond.


Excellence in Encouragement and Recognition

Arlington Heights High School administrators realized that Sabotin’s award-winning attitude toward teaching was one they wanted to develop and encourage among other teachers. Custom article mounting provides a visual reminder of achievement, which works in two ways: as a reward for dedication such as Sabotin’s, and as a catalyst for positive change and continued excellence among his peers.

Sometimes, Educators Lead by Following
Sabotin and Arlington Heights have set the bar high for other schools who want to show their support for professional staff members and other members of the school family who lead by example. Whether it’s a magazine article about a teacher who earns a prestigious award, a newspaper story about a new principal about to take the helm, or a great newspaper photo of students volunteering their time for others, custom wall plaques can seal those moments and keep them fresh in the minds of all who see them.

Framed publications serve as a permanent record of achievement, supportive of the featured individual and their contribution to the collective; an honor in themselves that a school can take pride in for years to come.

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