Score! Custom Wall Plaques Celebrate Student Athletes

embers of Generation Z spend a lot of their time online and looking at digital media, but those who play competitive sports still receive newspaper recognition, even if they don’t see it. Preserving those printed accolades with newspaper article mounting is a way to create a tangible memory that serves to encourage achievement among high school and college-aged sports competitors.

Positive Praise Keeps Young Athletes Focused
More than 35 million children from age 5 to age 18 play team sports every year, the majority of them is for the purpose of spending time with friends. What they may not realize is that the individual growth benefits of sports are staggering: kids who participate in high school sports are 92 percent less likely to use drugs, maintain higher GPAs (even higher when involved in more than one sport), and are more likely to be successful in college and careers.

Motivating student athletes can be a tricky proposition, but what’s been shown to work time and time again is positive praise for effort and achievement. What could be more positive than great news coverage? Newspaper articles may not normally catch a teen’s attention in the digital age, but when mounted in a custom wall plaque, that newspaper article can motivate a young athlete to continue to achieve when they see it on their wall every day.

Be On The Lookout For Great News
Parents, coaches and athletic boosters can all keep a close eye on local media coverage, and can even send in tips to the local sports editor when a student’s achievements make for a unique feature story. A single newspaper article mounted with a great photo in a custom wall plaque can do wonders for a child’s self-esteem and motivation, and that can do wonders for a child’s future.

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