Six Ways To Leverage PR With Newspaper Article Plaques

A newspaper article discussing your product, company or message has the power to answer questions and reach out to prospective customers unlike any paid advertisement. An article is a valuable tool that can be used to achieve your business goals. Below is a list of 6 ways to use newspaper articles to your advantage.649012784581

  1. Create a publicity book: Collecting all of your articles and press releases is valuable for many reasons. First, you are establishing your business as a legitimate company that has proven to be successful. Secondly, you are creating a portfolio that is easily accessible and organized.
  2. Frame feature articles and display them prominently in your reception area:Take pride in your press and display articles visibly to both customers and employees. Being able to see articles impresses people and reinforces their belief that they are choosing to work with the right people.
  3. Mail copies to both past and present customers: Articles are meant to be read, so if you send past and current customers copies of new articles with a personalized note, they will feel safe and assured that your company projects a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  4. Include articles in your salesperson’s presentation book: Let the articles do the selling. Think of your sales reps as couriers to the customers. By opening and/or closing with evidence of your company’s ability, the products will sell themselves.
  5. Include articles as part of direct-mail pieces: You should consider any press you have as free advertising. Allow a positive third party opinion to open the door to potential deals. By sending mailers featuring great news about your company you increase the likelihood of your name being known.
  6. Use articles to handle sales objections: Sales reps should be provided  with every possible avenue to a sale and articles can be the final nail in the coffin for a sale.

Take your press to the next level and have it work for you.

People like to do their research on companies so by having a compilation of articles and press releases in various formats, a consumer can feel confident in committing to your product.

Start The PR Process
You can start this process by having featured articles professionally laminated on a recognition plaque by clicking below. We value your great news and would love to help you celebrate it.


What are some ways newspaper articles or press has helped your business? Please share below.