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That’s Great News Newspaper Plaque Award to Atlantic Music Center

649012829775apr12At That’s Great News, we see thousands of stories in newspapers and magazines a week and we are proud when asked to frame these stories on one of our traditional wood or new acrylic plaques. Some stories just jump out at you, and one of these is about Atlantic Music Center.

At the Atlantic Music Center , it is not business as usual. The owner, Brian Gathchell, is contributing to a major innovation in piano making. Working with others, he is substituting wood with carbon fiber which improves sound quality while being immune to the affects of humidity. Brian is playing an instrumental part in the rebirth of piano making and playing.

Congratulations to Brian and his team at Atlantic Music Center.

People often ask me who buys framed article plaques. To be quite honest, anyone and everyone. Our company has sold plaques to business owners as well as proud mothers. From teachers to experts in their fields.

If you have any valuable articles in your life, allow us to turn them into unique wall plaques that stand the test of time.

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