The Difference a Distinguished Wall Plaque Can Make

As time evolves, there will always be a latest and greatest of everything; and custom wall plaques are no different. There are plaques of every color, size and layout, and now there are even plaques that utilize the latest technology to offer your customers or clients an opportunity to view still motion frames of your online video, then capture a QR code to view the entire video from their smartphone. But no matter how much things change, there is something wonderfully classical about the traditional wood laminate wall plaque.

Need a reason to consider a traditional wood wall plaque? Here are a few:

  • Offers high quality, sturdy construction
  • Can be chosen in a stain to match existing decor
  • Says “regal”, “distinguished”, and “classic”
  • Less likely to ever be “outgrown” or out of style

What’s more, when you choose a laminated wood wall plaque from That’s Great News, you get the traditional feel of this all-time classic, but with the versatility that accompanies every product in our line. You choose the color or stain, the size, and the layout. And now, you can even choose a plaque companion to go right along with it. Use this smaller option in addition to a larger plaque in order to provide even more information about the feature, or simply choose it as an independent commemorative piece of your big accomplishment.


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