Three Ways Flickr is Better Than Instagram

Flickr was slow to warm to the social media scene, giving Instagram the opportunity to create its very own social media identity as THE photo filtering and sharing site. Now that Instagram users are wary of the service and its royalty-free use of their photostream (which may not even happen), Flickr membership is on the rise. Its new mobile filter app is one that some in the industry are saying is even better than Instagram. In fact, there are three things about Flickr that make it a viable option for professional photographers on their way out the door at Instagram.


Find Friends Instantly
Yahoo-owned Flickr launched its redesigned iOS app just a week before the Instagram uproar. The best feature for small-business marketing is the ease with which users can find their Twitter and Facebook friends. If you’ve used Instagram’s handle translation feature to get your Instagram followers to travel to your Twitter feed, you can then use your Twitter feed to promote your Flickr postings. Plus, unlike with Instagram, which now posts more cumbersome links inside tweets, Flickr photos post to Twitter with no problems.

Quality AND Quantity
Upload multiple photos at once whether mobile or at your desktop, or ditch quantity and focus on quality. Flickr offers users a high-resolution upload option that would provide an opportunity for photographers to offer online proofs to clients. Also, it improves a photographer’s photostream overall for portfolio building.

Functionality Meets Fun
Flickr’s new app boasts more creative filters than Instagram, and more options to edit photos for brightness, saturation and contrast. While Instagram still owns the lion’s share of the photo-sharing community, the recent friction among social media sites and between Facebook sites and their users has given sites like Flickr a chance to redeem themselves. As it turns out, Instagram protesters are liking what they see on Flickr, which creates more competition among photo sharing sites and an opportunity for even more improvement. That’s good news for social marketers, and particularly beneficial to small business photographers just looking for a following. Also, keep in mind that Flickr can sell your photos via Getty Images.

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