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Tips for Making a Plaque Wall

For years, That’s Great News customers have used their featured article plaques as a mark of pride and quality that they can show to their own customers. The articles in these plaques represent moments of greatness from the subject’s past, accomplishments that were so great that they commanded the attention of the press.

For small businesses, the articles contained inside of a featured article plaque can help to establish the business’ position as a reliable service that customers can count on. These articles from trusted news organizations have the advantage of being recognizable to everyday people, perhaps more so than awards from a faceless review board.

Not only are articles from well-known newspapers and magazine almost instantly recognizable to customers, they also offer said customers the chance to read about your achievements in detail and get to know why you and/or your business are worthy of attention and respect.

What could be better for your business than displaying a featured article plaque? How about making a whole wall of featured article plaques?

Impress Your Customers with a Plaque Wall

Getting a mention in the local paper for doing something is pretty awesome in and of itself, having enough featured articles from various publications to make a whole wall of plaques really shows off your business as being worthy of respect and trust.

When making a plaque wall, consider the following:

The effect of being able to see an entire wall of achievements is enormous on potential customers. Many who see such displays can’t help but be curious about the stories behind each plaque, giving you an opportunity to strike up a discussion about your business and how you earned the distinction.

Honoring Others with Plaques

Retail businesses aren’t the only places that can benefit from having a plaque wall. Many schools also have a practice of making plaques of their top students and putting them on a wall display for all to see.

While these displays inspire trust in the school, they also act as a way to motivate students to do their best. If only the top few students from each graduating class can earn a place on the wall, students will compete for the privilege of being featured on the wall.

Why? Because, for students, being featured on the wall for academic excellence is a chance to earn recognition from future generations of students. Never underestimate the power of bragging rights as an incentive for encouraging effort.

Beyond simply providing bragging rights, plaques celebrating top graduates helps to put a face to the success stories of your school, showing students that people just like them can make it, and have made it in the past. You can even share stories and anecdotes about each of the students featured on the plaque wall to help further inspire current students.

Overall, a plaque wall is a great way to immediately command the awe and attention of a new visitor. A large wall of plaques is a visually impressive sight, and is sure to capture the imaginations of those who see it. Of course, in order to make a plaque wall, you need a plaque first.

To get started on your own plaque wall, contact That’s Great News today, and we can help you with the plaque creation process.

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