Trends in Wall Decor: Custom Wall Plaques

According to a recent trends survey, Americans spent more than $42 billion decorating their walls in 2009 (the most recent year the survey was conducted). That survey, which was conducted by Unity Marketing, determined that “Art buyers are creative people who strongly connect with the art they display on their walls. They want to buy items that reflect their personal taste, and consider the art they hang on their walls to be an extension of themselves.”


Our Take on the Stats
Now, while the focus on the original write-up that reported the results was to suggest that consumers are buying original artwork created by artists who are making this form more widely available, we have another suggestion. It is one that will allow consumers to truly express themselves and achieve that personal extension on their walls.


Custom Wall Plaques



Custom wall plaques are the perfect way to create a reflection of its owner. After all, these plaques are created from magazine articles, newspaper articles, or other personalized documents the owner wants to frame and preserve for many years to come. Using a custom wall plaque to achieve this, places the document on a solid wood backing, encased by a protective covering that essentially “freezes” the appearance of the document, capturing it in its current state.


With a huge demand for wall decor that expresses the owner’s personal style and taste, nothing can work better to meet this need than a custom wall plaque.


Express Yourself
Ready to express yourself by framing your accomplishments? You can order your custom wall plaque today. But if you want to see how your newspaper article, magazine article, or other document will look framed, you can order a FREE, no-obligation online preview first. Click below to enter the info needed to create this preview and you’ll have it in your inbox in 48 to 72 hours. It’s that easy!