Turn your magazine article into a framed magazine plaque

Magazine articles describing your successes and accomplishments are a wonderful thing. A way to ensure these articles stand the test of time is by having them professionally framed on a magazine plaque for display purposes. Custom wood plaques are the traditional favorite, but now you have a new, contemporary option with our Lucinda Series Acrylic Plaques.df

Benefits of a Custom Plaque

  • Preservation. Great news should not go to waste. Keep the magazine article alive by having it professionally plaqued.
  • Unique. Each plaque is designed to match your taste and decor, and provide a unique and decorative piece that brings personality to your wall.
  • Simple. Once you tell us about your article, we will handle everything.

How to get started:

  1. Collect your magazine articles and any other press you would like preserved.
  2. Contact us to have them transformed into framed plaques.
  3. Choose your finish. We offer various wood finishes in addition to our new Lucinda Series which is a clear acrylic plaque.
  4. Let us know what you would like to engrave on the nameplate. Each plaque comes with a customizable nameplate that can feature names or business, logos, quotes, etc.
  5. Find a spot to hang your plaque and reflect on your success!
It is important to display your accomplishments so everyone from your clients to your own employees can witness your growth and share in your achievements. By showcasing your magazine articles on plaques, you are presenting a bragging wall without saying a word.
For more tips on celebrating achievement, follow this article detailing the importance of recognizing success.
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