USA Today Gives Real Recognition to College Students

Every year USA TODAY honors outstanding college students for their academic excellence as well as intellectual contributions to society. The 20 outstanding college juniors and seniors are then named to the All-USA College Academic Team and individually featured with their photos and accomplishments in the Life Section of the popular national publication. What better excuse is there to frame such an achievement in a custom article frame? We can think of few.


What It Is
In March of each year, USA TODAY proudly recognizes 20 phenomenal young college students for their innate talents in academics and community with the election to their All-USA College Academic First Team. The individuals nominated for this honor must prove to own not only impressive academic ability, but also intellectual talents that go beyond the classroom to directly benefit society.

The criteria used to determine placement include grades, academic rigor, leadership, activities, and an essay detailing the student’s most intellectual endeavor while in college. The endeavor can include many approaches, for example: academic research, public service, the arts, journalism, or public policy.

How It Works
To qualify for nomination to the All-USA Team, students must be full-time undergraduates of at least junior classification. The student must attend a four-year university in the U.S. or its territories, be in good academic standing, and have U.S. citizenship. Most colleges have their own process for helping determine which students are eligible for nomination to the Team, however, so students should inquire with their university on any existing guidelines.

Those fortunate 20 students selected to the All-USA College Academic Team will each receive a $2,500 cash award, trophy, and extensive national recognition in USA TODAY and Second and third teams are also named, members of which will receive certificates of achievement.

What To Do Once You’ve Won
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