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What is the Best Color for your Wall Plaque?

It can be difficult to choose the best color for your custom wall plaque. There are so many factors to consider. There are 3 questions you should ask yourself when deciding on a color for your plaque…


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  1. Where do I plan on hanging the plaque? You want to choose a great location for your plaque and it all depends on what you are using the plaque for. If you happen to own a business with a lot of foot traffic- you will want to hang the plaque in a central location for your customers to view. If you want the plaque to hang somewhere in your office- choose a prominent spot for you to enjoy your success. It is important to consider lighting. You can brighten up a dark area with a lighter color plaque such as oak or mahogany. You can also accentuate a white wall with a contrasting color such as black. 
  2. Do I want the plaque to match other pieces in the space? You want your plaque to stand out but you also want it to look like it belongs on your wall. I suggest if the area contains silver undertones, go with a silver trim. If you have more gold, opt for a gold trim. We also offer a black trim if that is more in line with your taste. 
  3. What color are the pictures in the article? If your article contains colorful photos, you will want to consider that when choosing your wood finish and trim color.Our two most popular choices are mahogany with a gold trim (above) and black with a silver trim. Mahogany is more of a classic choice while the black has a modern vibe to it. Choose what works for you and your space.

    We like to offer our customers a variety of finishes and trim to best suit your needs. Your great news should become a staple in your decor. These are just a few tips to think about when deciding what your customized wall plaque will look like. Now you are ready request your digital preview. Click below to request your plaque preview!

Do you have any wall display tips to share? Please do so below.

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