What to do when you have great business news.

Did you just receive a big piece of news? Or maybe your firm just landed a huge account? Well, a great way to celebrate that news is to preserve it on a custom wall plaque. Achievements in business are big news whether it is individual or company-wide and should be celebrated.The-Secret-Of-Success

Why Go With A Plaque? 

  • Employee Motivation- Every leader strives to create a motivated team that works together to reach mutual goals. When those goals are achieved, it is your job to acknowledge it.
  • Validation- Hard work takes time and effort. At the end of the day, we are all entitled to receive a pat on the back. A wall plaque confirms that all you have done has resulted in success.
  • Pride- Good news can be hard to come by and should be a sense of pride.
  • Quietly Boasts- Bragging does not always come off appropriately. However, however a wall plaque silently does the work for you. By having the plaques hanging in your office or waiting area, customers can read for themselves that you are a capable and dependable company.
  • Wood Plaque: A traditional look with fine craftsmanship.
  • Acrylic Plaque: Our modern and contemporary new Lucinda Series is a stylish new option.
  • Plaque Companions: Nice addition to an office or waiting room. Allows a plaque to have a greater scope. Our plaque companions sit nicely on a desk or a shelf so every individual has a chance to own a piece of the success.
dual plaque image for hubspotTake a look at business coach, Rich Allen’s video on Celebrating Success
to hear more on the importance of commemorating milestones.
You do not want to let great news go to waste. Celebrate and preserve it by having it professionally mounted on a wall display. Start by clicking below and allowing us to transform your great news into custom display plaques.
Do you have any great business news to share?