Where Should You Display Your Featured Article Plaque?

Here at That’s Great News, we often like to highlight the benefits of having a featured article plaque for your home or business. When put on display, these plaques serve as a proud reminder of your past accomplishments at home, or even as a proof of quality and reliability when put on display at your business.

However, where exactly should you put your plaque on display in your home or business to get the most out of it? To help you answer this question, we thought we would share a few ideas with you here in this post.

Places to Show off Your Plaque at Home

When putting a featured article plaque on display at your home, there are a few different places you could display it, such as:

  • The Living Room. When you want all of your family and guests to see your favorite achievements, putting your plaque on display in your living room is a great idea. Here, in this shared space, where you bring your friends to hang out, and where you and your family gather to spend time together on a daily basis, your plaque will be a daily reminder to everybody of your greatest accomplishments.
  • Your Bedroom. Start each morning with a pick-me-up by hanging your plaque over your bed! Putting your plaque in your bedroom is a great way to get yourself pumped each morning by keeping a motivational story from your past where you can see it first thing when you get up.
  • Your Study. Have a room where you like to go to get some thinking done? A commemorative plaque makes a great addition to your study space so that you can be inspired by and reflect on your accomplishments.
  • The Garage. The perfect choice for people whose accomplishments involve automotive work, such as custom car mods or restorations. Placing an automotive-themed plaque here helps to remind you of your favorite past work on your vehicle. As an added benefit, a plaque is much more resistant to exposure to the chemicals that it may be exposed to while you work than a simple paper hanging, so the plaque will last longer.

Wherever you decide to hang your plaque in your home, it will be an inspirational tool to remind you of what you can do when you set your mind to the task at hand, and a badge of pride for your whole family.

Places to Show Your Plaque at Your Business

Where should you hang your plaque if you’re putting it on display at your business? The answer to this question will depend largely on the goals you have in mind for your plaque as well as the nature of your business.


For example, if your plaque is meant to inspire employees and get them motivated, then placing the plaque in a backroom area of a retail store or in the halls of an office building where employees can see it would be a good idea. In these areas, employees can read the plaque at their leisure without running into customers.

If the goal of the plaque is to help boost business, however, then keeping it in an “employees only” area is naturally out of the question. If you want to use your plaque to help boost business, putting it somewhere conspicuous in your storefront is probably the best idea for a retail or customer service-oriented business.

Another place you could put your plaque in your business to boost customer confidence is in your personal office. This is a great idea if you frequently have customers in your office (such as a car salesman might do). Putting plaques in your office gives visitors something to engage their attention during lulls in the conversation or while you have to do some kind of short task (such as running a credit check). This also provides the added benefit of giving you a conversation piece that allows you to focus the discussion on why your business is right choice for that customer through past examples of your high-quality work.

With the right placement, your business plaque can be a great tool for inspiring your employees, building customer confidence, or just serving as a reminder of why you love your company and the people who work there.

For more ideas about where you can display your plaque, contact That’s Great News today.