Who Purchases Custom Wall Plaques?

Plaques are a unique product. Their usage is not identified with any one industry or occupation. Custom wall plaques are useful for so many different reasons that a variety of people in different walks of life can find a placeĀ for them. During my time here I have witnessed multiple scenarios that have led me to believe that custom plaques know no bounds. They can dress any wall! There have been so many different stories over the years that illustrate how multi-faceted plaques can be. Below are some I have come across.

Personalized Plaque1

– One customer had worked a corporate job for 20 years and had finally saved up enough money to open up her own boutique. A local paper had published an article about her new life of finally being her own boss.

– A young lawyer had been featured as a “30 under 30” and was buying his parents a plaque as retribution for law school. It was the ultimate “Thank you”.

– A principal at a High School had not only gone to the same high school but had also met his wife there 30 years earlier in math class. The article featured a picture of them then & now and told the story of their journey.

– One of my colleagues had gathered pictures of her boyfriend and his family and created a gorgeous plaque that also had a poem written on it. See above.

Reviewing these stories made me realize that people purchase plaques to remember a moment, recognize achievements or to make someone smile. A great story can develop into a display plaque for yourself, your family, and colleagues. There are so many different reasons to want to buy a plaque. That being said, we welcome you tobecome one of our scenarios and request a digital proof.